We are a family business in every sense of the word. My mother & father started the business in 1967 as a small printing company and my sister & I worked there as soon as we were useful.  I got married and returned to small town living. My sister moved away and got married. My wife & I now work together. Every Day. In the Same Building. We Agree On Everything. Most Of The Time.


About 1982, we did a few jobs for local textile & apparel manufacturers and realized that sample cards were a natural fit for a printing company. We expanded our customer base and through the years have sampled practically every fabric made in America. We added thread and yarn cards because there was a need for it. Then narrow fabrics & elastics. We have even sampled belt buckles & buttons.


We believe in doing 2 things very well: 1) Provide you with the best possible service and turnaround. 2) Produce the best quality on the finished product.

To do that, we ask 3 things from our customers: 1) High quality artwork to print from, 2) First grade-goods not seconds or off-cuts 3) Products that come in well-labeled as to color, style & face.


We can help you design your project from scratch to include the best method to show your samples, design the artwork & layout, create auxiliary pieces such as folders or notebooks to hold the samples and then print, cut & assemble the final pieces. All Turnkey. No muss, no fuss.


We look forward to working with you.


Eric Wells


Need something printed? We do that as well.

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